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Learn why ADT Business Security is a reliable monitoring solution for your business.

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Video Surveillance & Storage

Video Surveillance & Storage

Watch over your company with HD video and store your footage on the cloud or on-site.

Burglary Monitoring

Burglary Monitoring

Secure your business with intrusion alarms, perimeter protection and motion detection.

Remote Arm/Disarm

Remote Arm/Disarm

Arm and disarm your system from virtually anywhere using your smartphone.

Access Control

Access Control

Monitor secure areas and track comings and goings with time-stamped business security reports.

Employee theft accounts for 43% of lost revenue.1

1 (2015) Global Retail Theft Barometer,

Customized Solutions for Any Business With ADT

Office Help protect your office and confidential information while reducing operational costs.

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“The video camera system is a great way to be able to check in on your business when you’re not in the area, so it’s helped us productivity and efficiency wise.”

- Jason Feng, Operations Manager for 12 Wireless to Go stores, South Florida

Why People Choose Us

Our Singular Focus

Protecting businesses across America is all we do. That’s why we do it the best.

Industry-Leading Monitoring

Our comprehensive network of interconnected Monitoring Centers helps us keep your business safe.

Our People

The best-trained and most trusted people in the security business work for ADT.

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